UX Designer, Learner & Internet devotee for life!

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Hands-on, self-taught UX practitioner!
Always one to evangelize and advocate open thinking and being contemporary at my forte of 'Digital Experience Design', I have played a gamut of roles from being a 'Multimedia Designer', to being a 'Digital Transformation Evangelist' at the moment. While I thrive in this diversity, my core passion has always remained the same - 'help resolve user problems by building digital interfaces'!
I can be a strong hands-on UX craftsman churning out quick design ideas to prototypes, and at the same time enjoy being an articulative consultant/facilitator who can conduct a design thinking workshop to crack a complex business problem.
"Being at the extreme ends of 'hands-on expertise' and 'thought-leadership' at the same time is my differentiating factor"
I share my thoughts @medium. Photography, Fitness, Family time and Traveling are some of my other interests...
Focus, strengths and tools of trade
At the moment my focus is limited to 'Digital Transformation' for enterprises and practicing 'Design thinking' approach  for solving/simplifying business problems. Some of my strengths as a UX practitioner are:
1. Strong understanding of UCD processes
2. User Research, Market Research and Competitive Benchmarking
3. Adoption of Design thinking based approach to solving problems
4. Information Architecture
5. Wire-framing, Rapid Prototyping
6. Interaction Design
7. Strong foundation on Front-end engineering
Am hooked with 'Sketch', 'Invision', 'Sublime Text', Whiteboard, Stickynotes, Plain-papers and markers at the moment when it comes to tools of trade!
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