Digital Storyteller, Learner, an internet devotee for life!
Always one to evangelize and advocate open thinking and being contemporary at my forte of 'Digital Experience Design', I have played a gamut of roles from being a 'Multimedia Designer', to being a 'Digital Transformation Evangelist' at the moment. While I thrive in this diversity, my core passion has always remained the same - 'help resolve user problems by building digital interfaces'!
I can be a strong hands-on UX craftsman churning out quick design ideas to prototypes, and at the same time enjoy being an articulative consultant/facilitator who can conduct a design thinking workshop to crack a complex business problem.
"Being at the extreme ends of 'hands-on expertise' and 'thought-leadership' at the same time is my differentiating factor"
I share my thoughts @medium. Photography, Fitness, Family time and Traveling are some of my other interests...
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