Built an end-to-end web based experience for a user to create high-quality professional printed graphics for creative projects ranging from home projects to professional branding collaterals! Played the role of Information Architect, Interaction Designer, Visual Designer.
Problem statement / Introduction
Focussing on the user groups ranging from 'Creative Moms' looking to build crafts for their personal / home projects  to professionals designing branding collaterals, the need was to build a easy to use and intuitive browser-based tool which can help these creative souls come up with designs in no-time which eventually would be printed out for their respective project ideas. There were a few players in this market already, but there was always scope for improvement.
Being an individual contributor to this independent assignment, the excitement of getting a solution defined right from user interviews, competitive benchmarking to information architecture and interaction design had been unmatched!
As a UX practitioner getting to connect the dots of discovery, analysis and design has been invaluable to me in this engagement, and that was the highlight too!
Skills leveraged / acquired
User Research, Competitive benchmarking, Interaction Design, Information Architecture,  Rapid Prototyping, Requirement Gathering, Contextual Inquiry
Tools / Technologies used
Sketch, Invision, Whiteboards, Whiteboard-markers, Adobe Photoshop
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